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One of the most cherished and valued resources at SGIS International School is our library, which is filled with books in both English and Khmer languages. Our library caters to the needs and interests of all our students, from preschoolers to adults, and offers a wide range of genres and topics to choose from. 

Our students love our library and enjoy borrowing books to read at home and returning them when they are done. Our library also encourages a culture of reading and learning among our students, by hosting various events and activities such as book fairs, reading clubs, storytelling sessions, and more.

Our library is not only a place for reading books, but also a place for developing digital skills. Our library houses our computer lab, where our students learn to do research on their learning topics and acquire the basic computer literacy skills they will need for the future. Our computer lab is equipped with modern technology and software, and provides access to reliable and relevant online sources of information. Our students also learn to use various applications and tools to create presentations, documents, videos, and other digital products that showcase their learning.

The SGIS school library also serves as the student council meeting hall, where our students discuss school events, plan for school charity events, and allocate council duties weekly. Our student council is an active and responsible group of students who represent the voice and interests of their peers. They work together to organize various activities and initiatives that promote school spirit, community service, and student leadership. Our library provides them with a comfortable and conducive space to hold their meetings and collaborate on their projects.

Our library is a pride and joy of SGIS International School, and we are grateful to have such a wonderful facility that supports our students’ academic and personal growth.

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