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SGIS Students Have a Blast at Siem Reap Water Park 🌊

Last week, the students of SGIS had a fun and memorable time at the Siem Reap Water Park as part of their summer school field trip. The water park, located near the famous Angkor Wat temple complex, offers a variety of attractions and activities for all ages and preferences.

The students had a blast sliding down the thrilling water slides, some of which were over 20 meters high and 100 meters long. They also splashed in the wave pool, which simulated different types of waves and currents. They relaxed in the lazy river, which flowed around the park and offered scenic views of the surroundings. And they played in the kids’ zone, which had smaller slides, fountains, and water toys.

The students also improved their swimming skills and confidence in the water. They learned how to swim in different depths and speeds, how to float and balance, how to dive and jump, and how to use safety equipment. They also practiced their teamwork and communication skills by helping each other and following instructions.

The trip was a great opportunity for the students to have fun, learn new things, and bond with their classmates and teachers. They returned to SGIS with smiles on their faces and stories to share. They also expressed their gratitude to the water park staff and management for their excellent service and hospitality.

The SGIS summer school program aims to provide students with enriching and enjoyable experiences that enhance their academic, social, and personal development. The Siem Reap Water Park trip was one of the many activities that the students participated in during this four-week program.

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