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SANA ITO : My experience at SGIS

I participated in summer school in my first year and had many experiences, such as DIY ( do it yourself ), outdoor activities, and indoor activities. In DIY, we made a seesaw and a swing, and in indoor activities, we played games such as Uno, board games, or card games. In the outdoor activities, we got permission from our parents to go out of the school and go swimming or make pottery. When the new academic year started, I was in the third grade, which means I skipped the second grade. Depending on the academic knowledge you have, you could skip a grade in elementary school. In fact, I skipped second and fifth grade in this school because I could keep up with the class. I was a year late when I joined school, so I was pleased to skip second grade.

In the third grade, I studied with the first and second grades in the same classroom. It was a very vibrant classroom with many students. We were divided into several groups in the classroom. During snack time, everyone played differently; some students played soccer, some played inside the classroom, or some chatted on the swing or on the bench. When we had group work, we worked as a team effectively. We made PowerPoint presentations and posters as a team, and then we presented our work to the other classmates. A similar thing occurred when I was in fourth grade, but the difference was that the school changed the combinations of class grades. When I was in fourth grade, I shared a class with the third grade. It changed to first and second grade in one classroom, then third and fourth grade in another class, then fifth and sixth grade in another classroom, etc. So when I was in fourth grade, mostly nothing changed except for having three different teachers.

In fifth grade, I was initially nervous about being with senior students in the same classroom but quickly became comfortable with their friendly nature. This year, we made many PowerPoint presentations and posters. We had some swimming lessons and went jogging outside of the school after we got permission from our parents. SGIS arranged some opportunities to interact outside of the school, such as going out of the school or inviting a high school orchestra to perform for us. It was an extra-exciting event when other schools came. In SGIS, if there were a chance to interact with other schools, we would have interaction outside of the school when possible. When I was in sixth grade, the work was easy for me for a year, so the school gave me the opportunity to work in the seventh grade for a week to see if I could cope with the class work. I could cope with the class work, so I remained in the seventh grade. This year, we made individual model houses to see how to make a strong house by changing its structure and to complete each individual’s model house. We also created an ecosystem in the school’s backyard. This year, we made many things by ourselves so that we could understand the structure more clearly and enhance our critical thinking.

In the middle of eighth grade, the coronavirus started, and it changed our learning styles from in-person to online. Around that time, I had my personal circumstance to be unable to attend class for a few weeks. When I resumed class online, everyone kindly supported me with catching up on my delayed work. These are my experiences at SGIS school. 

私の名前は、伊東紗菜です. 私が初めて学校に行ったのは2015年の小学2年生の時。学校には途中入学で1年生として入りました。学校でのすべてが英語だった時はすごく緊張しましたが友達が優しくフォローをしてくれたのですぐに学校に馴染むことができました。




5年生に上がると初めて上級生と同じクラスになり、最初はすごく緊張しました。ですがみなとても優しかったのですぐに打ち解ける事ができました。この学年の時はたくさんのポスターとプレゼンテーションを作りました、最初はとても緊張しました、が皆とても優しかったのですぐに打ち解けられました。この学年ではたくさんポスターを作りひろうしなければ  いけませんでした。あと体育の授業では親御さんから許可をもらって学校の外でジョギングやプールに行きました。学校は外とつながりで一度日本人高校生がカンボジアに遊びに来たさいに学校に来てもらい演奏してもらいました。SGISは外との繋がりや交流が日程に合えば関わり会いたいと思っています。



Blog by Sana Ito, Grade 11 

Mrs. Irma Murray’s English Literature Class

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