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Arts and Crafts with Natural Materials at SGIS International Summer School

Yesterday, we had a wonderful time exploring our creativity and learning new skills at our arts and crafts activity. We used cardboard and leaves to make amazing portraits of flowers and trees. We also made a lion face using different colored leaves. We learned how to use natural materials to express our artistic skills.

We had so much fun making our artworks and showing them to each other. We were proud of our work and how we used our imagination. We also learned about the different types of leaves and how they can create different shapes and textures.

We enjoyed this activity because it was a great way to connect with nature and appreciate its beauty. We also learned to be resourceful and use what we have around us to create something new and beautiful.


·   Creativity and the arts are essential for developing minds because they foster cognitive, emotional, and social skills that are crucial for learning, problem-solving, and personal growth.

·   Creativity and the arts stimulate the imagination, which is the ability to envision a productive future and take steps to achieve one’s goals.

·   Creativity and the arts also enhance the expression and communication of one’s ideas, feelings, and perspectives, which can boost self-confidence, empathy, and collaboration.

·   Using multimedia in art work can enrich the creative process and the artistic experience by allowing one to explore different modes, formats, and techniques of expression.

·   Using multimedia in art work can also increase the engagement and interest of the audience by providing interactive, dynamic, and immersive features.

·   Using multimedia in art work can also reflect the diversity and complexity of the world and inspire new ways of thinking and creating.

We hope you like our artworks as much as we do. You can see some of them in the pictures below.🎨

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